Parma Alimentare

45 years of history

Our mission is to spread and promote
the agri-food tradition and
the quality of Parma branded food

Local salted pork products

The number of salted pork meats in the Parma area is practically impossible to count.
The most well known products include Culatello di Zibello (made from pork loin), Salame di Felino (a small, thin salami), Spalla cotta di San Secondo (cooked shoulder of ham), Coppa (air-dried joint from the upper shoulder), Pancetta (lean cured and rolled belly of pork), Fiocchetto (made from pork loin), Mortadella (cooked slicing sausage), Cicciolata (similar to brawn) and Strolghino (a small salami).
Each product reflects a propitious and anonymous time-honoured skill, which has been handed down over the generations to pay tribute to tables around the world.

Spalla cotta di San Secondo

This ham, which was even extolled by Giuseppe Verdi who held it in particular esteem, is a typical product of the Parma lowlands, with an extremely long history.
Documents dating as far back as 1170 even make mention of it. Over the centuries, the process to produce ham from the shoulder of the pig has not changed, guaranteeing an unquestionable value for this product. Cooked shoulder of ham is one of the few salted pork meat products in the area to be served hot.

Cooked Ham

Cooked ham is very much a part of Parma’s and Italy’s tradition and culture. The ham is produced from excellent quality pork, made tender and flavoursome by expert cooking with herbs. This pink and fragrant ham is the symbol of several prestigious Parma companies.

Pancetta, Fiocchetto and Mortadella

The many delicious products which can be made from pork are the result of imagination, creativity and experience. Coppa, pancetta, fiocchetto and mortadella all come from the best parts of the pig. They are skilfully prepared, served with a quality and nutritional values at their best and are natural products, with a typical flavour setting them apart. Each single product is controlled throughout the production process, with an extra guarantee of no artificial flavourings.